I eat, sleep, and drink marketing. I live to create, and create to live. I make boring things sound interesting, and have a knack for finding the right words at the right time. I take micro-moments and craft them into captivating stories. But best of all, I put these talents together to formulate all encompassing marketing strategies to help you reach your goals - because at the end of the day, it's about bottom lines and dollar signs.

I began working for myself to better position and enable myself to connect directly with companies (large, medium, and small) who are looking to stand out from the masses, and design and implement strategic marketing tactics that bring home the bacon. It’s no secret that the internet makes this world go round. And as far as digital presence goes, “content is king.” That’s exactly where I come in. I provide my clients with marketing strategies that specialize in the creation of innovative and refreshing content, and then promote that content on the optimal digital channels to reach your audience. 

With years of experience in various industries (luxury apartments, fashion, sports nutrition, hospitals, IT, free-diving, law firms... to name a few), I've become quite the chameleon and can adapt to any nuance that your company may have and cater the marketing strategies around them. 

But you should know... my approach is disruptive and thought provoking. My hands are never clean. 

Should the grand master plan require it, I can easily tap into my network of designers, developers, and producers to get all hands on deck. Or if you have personnel or partners already established, I am happy to collaborate with them - and rest assured, I play well in the sandbox with others.