Here's a list of some hockey terms, and some terms I've completely made up. They're in semi-alphabetical order.

Backcheck:  When an opponent breaks out of their defensive end to go on the attack, your players skate back to cover their opponents to prevent them from making plays and getting shots.  This is called back checking.

Billet:  hockey term for hosting. For example, my parents billeted two JHL players. I referred to those two guys as my "billet brothers."

Chirp: hockey term for smack-talk.

Dangle: hockey term for basically a sick move that an offensive player makes to either get around the defenseman, and/or to score a goal.

Dungle: hockey term for when you are the recipient of getting dangled. You don't get dangled, you get dungled.

Defensive zone:  The space on the ice from the end boards to the blue where your opponent is shooting at your goal.

Deke: hockey term for a fake; "He dekes left, and goes right!"

Delayed penalty:  A team who was fouled is allowed to continue play until the penalized team touches the puck, hence the term "delayed penalty".

Face Off:  When two players square off to await the drop of the puck by the officials.  The players try to gain control of the puck or get it to one of their teammates.  Face offs always follow whistles, stoppages of play, starting a new period, and after goals are scored.

Foghorn Douchebag: Coined by my long time cancer-friend, Joseph Cascio this term is used when someone is being such a d-bag that you literally say "doooouuuuuuuuuuuche-baaaaaaaaaaaaag". See this post for a great example of a Foghorn Douchebag. 

Forecheck:  When a team puts pressure on another team by sending players in on a puck carrier who is trying to get out of his defensive zone in hopes of forcing the other team into mistakes by stealing the puck or body checking their opponents into turnovers.

Hat Trick: hockey term for when a player makes three goals in one game.

Icing:  When a team shoots a puck from behind the center red line and it crosses the attacking goal line, this is called "icing".  If the puck is touched by the other team before it crosses the goal line, the icing is waved off and play continues.

Major penalty:  Many of the "minor" penalties can be called "major"  (5 minutes served) if the ref determines that there was intent to injure or drew blood, etc.  Fighting is also a major penalty

Match penalty:  This is when there is deliberate injury inflicted on another or the penalty is so reckless as to cause possible injury.  The player is given 5 minutes plus DQd from the game and is suspended from playing again until a hearing is given him.  This is a very serious call and foul.

Minor penalty:  Results in 2 minutes in the "penalty box", the seat off ice where a player must sit to serve his penalty.  Minor penalties include:  tripping, slashing, hooking, holding, interference, delay of game, cross checking (see "Sherwood Tattoo"), boarding, charging, checking from behind, hits to the head, butt ending, elbowing, high sticking, spearing, etc.

Misconduct penalty:  A case where a player is given an extra 10 minutes, or sometimes the balance of the game to "cool off", but his team is not playing shorthanded.  They are often called in addition to the minutes given for fighting, hitting from behind, verbal abuse by players, etc.

Neutral Zone:  The space between the two blue lines...

Offensive Zone:  The space from the end boards to the blue line in which a team is shooting on goal.

Offsides:  By rule, the puck must cross the attacking blue line before any offensive players do.  You can carry the puck in backwards though as long as you have control of it.  Violation of this results in a whistle and a face off just outside the blue line.

Penalty:   When a player is called off the ice for a violation of rules.  There are numerous penalties in ice hockey designed to keep the players safe and prevent players from obstructing play.  They are divided into minor (2 minutes), major (5 minutes), match (5 minutes plus a DQ), misconducts (the team is not penalized, only the player who committed the foul is), and penalty shots.

Penalty Kill:  When your team is short handed due to being penalized, the short handed team is allowed to "ice" the puck without a stoppage of play.  The players who go on the ice to try to do this are called the "penalty killing" team.

Penalty shot:  When a player is denied a scoring chance by a foul from behind when in control of the puck and with a good opportunity to shoot on goal when he is across the center red line.  The puck is placed at the center face dot and the skater is allowed to come in all alone on the goalie and take ONE shot.

Power Play:  When a team is called for a penalty and it results in that team being short handed (one or two less players than their opponent), the other team has a man advantage on the ice and this is called a "power play".

Sher-Wood Tattoo: A phrase coined by Mr. P that means to take a Sher-Wood hockey stick, and slam it into an opponent hard enough to leave the Sher-Wood logo marked on their chest.

Sher-Wood: hockey brand. If I say something pertaining to my Dad and a "Sher-Wood," assume it's a hockey stick.

Soft: "He's so soft!" In hockey terms, soft is an insult that means wimpy, wussy, overly sensitive, etc.