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One of my favorite pieces that I saw at Art Basel this year.

One of my favorite pieces that I saw at Art Basel this year.

I'm typing this post from an airplane, and I can't think of a more suiting environment to reflect upon my 29th year. Year 29 was filled with some incredibly high highs that will surely make my life's highlight reel. I feel so blessed to have experienced what I have so far in life. It is truly a privilege to live another year.

I think it's also worth mentioning that this year also had some intensely low lows, too. Few people know the details, but those that do understand that I had experienced some pretty shitty betrayal. In theory you should be able to trust certain people, however, I've since learned to adjust my "strategy," as the "real world" is ridden with a good number of snakes in the grass. It shouldn't be this way, but it is. It was a hard lesson to learn. The positives out of this experience is that it brought to my attention a very real example of what I never want to become. It also made me appreciate my closest friends, as they metaphorically picked me up off the floor. Jay especially. Through the support of my dearest friends and my family, I came out on top. 

Another rough spot of Year 29 involved me disappointing myself. In South Florida you're constantly surrounded by temptations. There are certain moral boundaries I told myself I'd never cross, but I crossed one this past year. Ugh. I literally lost sleep and was sick to my stomach over this regretful mistake for weeks. I had to give myself a good reality check, and then get myself back on track. I rose my standards for myself back up to where they belong, and have moved forward from this. I'm a better person than the bad decision I made, and am hellbent on never crossing those lines again.

Ok sheesh, I didn't mean to get that heavy, but life isn't just sunshine, rainbows, and smiling Instagram pictures. But let's face it, I did have some pretty awesome Instagram pictures that captured some of the amazing adventures from this year. Year 29 was particularly incredible due to the extensive traveling I did. New Orleans, Key West, Trips home to RVA, Northern VA, Europe (London, Salisbury, Antwerp, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Lubeck, Bremen, and Copenhagen), Mineola (on my list of places to NEVER live, lol, but here's to checking out a new place, right?!), California (Huntington Beach, Hermosa Beach), Texas (Dallas, Houston), Denver, and probably some other places that I can't remember offhand. Wow! 

Other Highlights of Year 29:

  • Kissed a baby alligator.
  • Successfully held Second Annual Betchmas (an invented holiday) with my best Florida friend, Sarah.
  • Met some new great people in unexpected scenarios/situations. :)
  • Partied with The Caps. 
  • Explored South Florida locally.
  • Have begun to brush up on my espanol. Maybe this time next year I'll know what Pit Bull is singing about.
  • Became a master crock potter.
  • Switched companies which is getting me some really fun experience work-wise.
  • Lost about 15lbs (and better yet - INCHES!) since August because I found a diet/workout program that was conducive for my on-the-go lifestyle! Feel great inside and out. 
  • Reunited with some old friends. 
  • Attended Art Basel and went to dozens of art galleries this past year. And so many museums!
  • Got a ridiculous camera and lens. 
  • Attended NHL games. 

Year 29 is going to be one to beat, but anyone who knows me, knows I love a good challenge. I predict Year 30 to involve big changes. I anticipate lots of traveling. I expect to become a better person than I was last year. But for now, I'm going to relish my last day of Year 29 by exploring a new city - San Antonio!



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