Tips and Tricks for Traveling - During the Trip - Dana Chirps

Danube River, Budapest, Hungary

Ok, so my last post was about trips and tricks for traveling that you can do before you leave for your trip. This post lists out some handy dandy ideas that you might want to consider while you're on your trip.

Take notes of what you do. Every day I travel I jot down all the things I did and names of places - sometimes it’s handwritten, or somethings just a note on my iPhone, and most often it’s a quick recap on Facebook (also my way of telling my family I'm alive and happy). But I use these notes to refer to when I go back and blog about the experience more thoroughly. But even if you’re not into writing and blogging, it’s helpful.

Be a creature of habit. Always keep your wallet, passport, and other essentials in the same spot - you’re way less likely to lose something or leave anything behind. It’s one of those simple things that can help prevent a catastrophe.

Do the tourist attractions first thing in the morning. Less lines, less people, less unintentional (and intentional) photobombs, more fun.

Trips are not for sleeping. Get up early, and stay up as late as you can without putting yourself in jeopardy for exhaustion the next day. Coffee is your friend.

Alway bring your camera. The one time you don’t have it is the time you really wish you had brought it. Guaranteed. You only need to learn this lesson once. I learned my lesson in Amsterdam. 

Be friendly, polite, and respectful. I get that this is probably common sense for most people reading this. But it’s good to remind yourself that you are a guest of someone else’s city and country… don’t litter, embrace where you are, and try to say hello and thank you in their respective language. If you have the privilege of getting to know any locals - be good to them, buy them a drink, and show them why American’s are awesome.


Dana Podgurski

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