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Ah, so we all survived another Valentine's Day. I have so many weird and mixed emotions about the day. Personally, I like for it to be acknowledged but with nothing over the top. I loathe going out to eat for Valentine's (too crowded - would rather cook a meal together), and I am not a typical jewelry girl. But I doooo lovvve getting flowers. Maybe it's because I've grown up seeing my dad buy my mom flowers almost on a weekly basis that they mean something more to me. Plus they're beautiful and add so much life to a space. Much to my delight, Brett didn't disappoint. Even though he's in Dubai (8 hours ahead of us), he still made sure I got flowers on Valentine's Day, and that I felt special. I feel happy, lucky, and grateful he was thoughtful enough to do this for me, especially since I know what it feels like when the person you're with doesn't care or even make an effort on this Hallmark holiday.

But regardless of what side of luck I've been on, I have always enjoyed seeing couples doing thoughtful things for each other. It was fun to scroll through social media and read/see the efforts made this Valentine's Day. But man, when I sensed disappointment in a status or conversation, I felt for that person. Lord knows I've been there. I hope those people (despite their warranted disappointment) did something for themselves. 

I think in general we (as a society) forget to do things for ourselves. We do things for work, we do things for other people, but it's easy to forget about doing things for solely yourself to keep your mind at peace, or what I like to call in Positive Vibe Land.

Less than a week ago my cousin had posted a pic on her Instagram of The 52 Lists Project. After I looked it up, I knew I had to order it. Writing is what brings me to Positive Vibe Land. So I thought this would be a fun way to help me achieve some of my 2017 new years resolutions (yes, I really do them), and help me keep a reflective mindset on a weekly basis. Getting this book was a quiet reminder that it can be so strangely yet wonderfully refreshing to do something for myself - not for work, not for other people, not for fitness... just for lil' ol' me. 

So whether it's getting yourself flowers, doing yoga, writing lists, or whatever... do something for lil' ol' YOU that takes you to Positive Vibe Land. In fact, I'd love to hear what you do to get there! Let me know in the comments!





Dana Podgurski

Hi everyone! I'm Dana Podgurski! 

I'm a foot in the mouth, tongue in cheek, head in the clouds, and heart on the sleeve kind of gal. I live for new experiences, but am a total sucker for nostalgia at the same time. I'm tough as nails, but am a complete softie for all things kids and animal related. I fly by the seat of my pants, and live for adventure. But I firmly believe that adventure is a mindset that one's self determines.

For work, I am a marketer through and through. Bringing brands to life, and content marketing are passions of mine. Many would consider what I do as nerdy, but I seriously dig it. I have been doing marketing contract work for years, and appreciate the variety it brings, and the relationships I've developed with my clients. To check out my work portfolio, or if you're interested in a partnership, click here.

For fun I love to create - writing/blogging, photography, and painting are my main three mediums of doing so. Feeling good and healthy is also high on my list, as it really lends itself to making everything more enjoyable. So I maintain a very active lifestyle, eat pretty healthy, and am outdoors as much as I can be. And if my blog didn't make it abundantly clear, I absolutely LOVE to travel. I spend any extra money I have on plane tickets, and feel so fortunate to have been to several amazing destinations both domestically and internationally. There's nothing more fulfilling than coming home from a trip and adding a been-there-pin to my map.