Soft People Suck

I can't stand how soft people have become as a society. People want to project reality through a fluffy veil of bull, instead of calling a spade a spade. I realize there is a time/place for everything, and that there are things that are off-limits. Now, with that being said... there is also an appropriate time to chirp, and poke a little fun at someone or something. For example, most professional sporting events have a "Kiss-Cam," where the camera scans the audience and pauses on a couple forcing them to kiss on air. I've seen the Kiss-Cam capture good kisses, bad kisses, awkward looks only to be followed by awkward kisses, people picking their noses, etc.

Recently at the Tampa/Philly game in Tampa, the Kiss-Cam paused on a less-than-svelte Flyers fan going to town on some chicken wings.


That's it. And people (not including the fan) got majorly butt-hurt over it.

A newscaster posted on his Facebook page, "TAMPA IS A MEAN CITY.... they couldn't find anyone kissing on the "Kiss-Cam" last night at the Tampa Lightning vs Philly Flyers game. Instead, they fat-shamed an overweight Flyers fan. He laughed, but don't tell me his feelings weren't hurt. Good thing I'm not the Commissioner of the NHL - somebody would be fired. That's not the way to treat paying customers."


I think the newscaster overreacted. Is it not common knowledge that if the Kiss-Cam is rolling, that nobody is safe? Not to mention, hockey isn't exactly the best sport to choose to participate in (in any capacity) if your feelings get hurt easily. Additionally, I haven't found any reports stating that this fan was offended/cared about having his adoration with fried chicken exposed. Only that he was a great sport and laughed it off.

I get the impression that this newscaster doesn't really follow too much hockey (if I had to guess, he probably watches some of the NHL playoffs, at most). While unfortunate, that's ok (I guess), except for the fact he is making statements like the one above without understanding the culture of hockey.

Hockey is one of the most humble sports out there. The players police themselves, and keep each other in line through physical and verbal abuse direction. It's just the nature of the sport, and I love that. It helps prevent divas from sprouting, and it yields a team chemistry unique to the sport.

Here's the bottom line: Even off the ice and out of the rink, if you can't laugh at yourself, you're doing it wrong. Nobody is perfect, and while everyone is (hopefully) trying to be the best that they can be, what is the harm in laughing at your imperfections along the way?

If you can't take the cold, then get out of the rink and go watch some soccer.


Dana Podgurski

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