Go home, Bieber.

For those of you who are new or new-ish to hockey - there are a couple of rules of tradition (and superstition) that one must follow out of the respect for the team, and the sport.

1. Don't touch the cup.


2. Don't step on the logo.

More sin.
More sin.

Disgustingly, this little twit of a pop star, Justin Bieber, committed both of these blasphemous acts in the locker room of last year's Stanley Cup winners - The Chicago Blackhawks. The same hand he selected to devalue The Cup is speculated to be the same exact hand that he uses when applying his something-about-mary-hair-gel. While wearing the filthy stupid sneakers that he prances around in singing about prepubescent angst, he also managed to desecrate the Bhawks' logo.

Furthermore, can we please discuss his choice outfit?

Look, I know it's (not soccer) hockey, a sport known for it's blended elegance of skating, dangling, and beating the pulp out of each other; and not something to be categorized as "glamorous." But would it have killed him to not dress like an upper-middle class high school drug dealer? I don't know, but perhaps he could have considered not wearing his sunglasses inside the locker room, and wearing shorts that are reminiscent of JNCOs circa 1996, and a shirt that we the people of the United States of America call a "wife beater?!" I don't know. Just a thought.

And now more recently, Bieber was arrested last week in Miami Beach for driving under the influence, and drag racing.

Justin. You've assaulted our ears with your music. Confused our eyes with your girly face. Disrespected all things related to hockey. Put American lives at risk as you attempted to drive a big boy car while under the influence.

It's time for you to go home, Justin Bieber. And may the hockey Gods smite you with lightning on your trip back to Canada.


Dana Podgurski

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