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So Brett and I got here on Sunday and we’re getting settled in quite nicely! We kicked off our first night with excited smiles, frozen pizza, and Gosling’s rum. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

But as excited as I've been, I'll admit that I did get a teeny bit nervous. Essentially I had a day or two of slight panic because I felt like I had cabin fever, but quickly realized I just needed to learn my way around. Since then I’ve been “practicing” walking and biking to places from our apartment.

The part of the island that we live in (St. David’s, within St. George’s parish) is more secluded than the other parishes. But I have figured out how to get to the hanger (where Brett works out of sometimes), a pizza/sub shop, the bowling alley, the police station, an ice cream shop, the bus stop, downtown St. George's, and of course the beach. Major progress is being made, and I’m feeling good! Next on my list is learning how to catch the ferry into Hamilton. 

I have a work trip March 22-26th and then Brett leaves at the very beginning of April, so we won’t get a scooter until he gets back from his next rotation (he’ll be gone for about 30 days). Until then, I’ll be getting brutal leg workouts with running and biking up and around these steep hills. Luckily, these hills provide spectacular views.

Yesterday we got our cable and internet installed in our apartment. It’s perfect timing as work is about to pick up for me!

It’s been in the 60’s since we got here, which we’re told is atypically cool. But seeing as though we left Boston when it was 6 degrees - we are enjoying the weather quite a bit, and we both look forward to “summer!”

I'm also unbelievably stoked that one of my friends, Laura, has booked her ticket to come to Bermuda to visit me in April! I met her while traveling to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague this past spring. We are great travel buddies, and I can't wait to comb every inch of this beautiful island with her!!

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