My Top Three Reasons Why I Love Bermuda - Dana Chirps

Near Fort St. Catherine - Bermuda - Dana Chirps

Near Fort St. Catherine - Bermuda - Dana Chirps

Who would have thought that a teeny tiny island in the Middle of Nowhere, Atlantic would have made such a massive impact on me. I've been trying to peg down exactly why I love Bermuda, and what I think makes it such a special place. 

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve - Bermuda - Dana Chirps

Cooper's Island Nature Reserve - Bermuda - Dana Chirps

  1. Natural Beauty. I think this one was sort of a no-brainer and expected. But I do think it is worth mentioning that I have had the privilege of visiting other gorgeous islands (St. Thomas, St. Martin, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Dominican Republic), and Bermuda still wins. The whole color scheme is brighter here. Blues are bluer, pinks are pinker. Vibrant tropical flowers that nonchalantly grow everywhere. The water is so dang blue that I continuously have to convince people I'm not filtering or editing the photos I show them. And then you see the pink sand, and it's like "Ok, Bermuda. You're just showing off now." ;)
  2. The people. I simply can't get over the caliber of person I've met and become friends with here. Most of my friends in Bermuda are other expats, and there is this unspoken and deep level of empathy of knowing what it is like to be the new person in a new country. Everyone is welcoming, and invites everyone to everything. Not to mention how fun it is to meet other people who are kind of like you in the sense that they picked up and moved to another country to live on a 20 square mile island. It's an adventurous bunch to say the least!  
  3. Simplicity. So this is something that can be adopted in the states, but it is SO much harder to do so. In the states, there are so many options, all of which are convenient. We run on consumerism, and don't blink an eye at all the things we encounter each day. However, in Bermuda, Brett and I have embraced simplicity. No TV, we pedal bike (not to be confused with "bike" which means "scooter" on the island) everywhere, and mostly spend our free time taking advantage of the island life. Our main grocery store is maybe 1000 square feet, and we purchase our meat from a guy right off the boat. Although nothing is "easy" to do, and you really have to plan your day around simple activities (because you have to allocate time to pedal bike to the store, hope they have everything you need, and pedal bike home).. the simplicity of it is refreshing.

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