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December in South Florida. People flock from their northern abodes to sunny Soflo to escape the winter wrath of Mother Nature. Now that I've lived here for almost 4 years, my body has totally adjusted to the tropical climate. This means I've become one of the people that I used to playfully poke fun at for wearing Uggs and other standard (#basic) winter apparel during those blistering (sarcasm font) 60-something degree days! You can easily tell if someone has been in South Florida for a while based on what they're wearing during the winter months --- shorts, tees, and flops means they must be a snowbird or vacationer, but if you're in scarves, boots, hats, and gloves --- you've lived in South Florida for at least 2 years. 

Now just because I'm a tropical sun goddess, doesn't mean I don't enjoy the winter! I happen to love it as long as I'm dressed for it. Here in Soflo, it's less about the bulky winter coats, and more about those cozy accessories. Recently, through social media I stumbled upon All That It Seams. All That It Seams is run by this kickass girl named Caitlin who handcrafts some seriously cute knit accessories while keeping durability and functionality in mind. But the icing on the cake is that All That It Seams donates 10% of their profits to no-kill animal shelters. UM, TAKE ALL MY MONEY. Anybody who knows me knows that I lovvvve animals, especially dogs. Talk about guilt-free shopping! Caitlin (who is awesome btw) sent me two really cute items to try out and write about. Here's the scoop:

Let’s start with the gloves which are cleverly named “Texters Best Friend.” I hate hate hate hate hate not being able to do simple tasks that regular gloves make it difficult to do - turning a doorknob, posting on Instagram, reapplying makeup, etc. These open-ended gloves keep your hands super warm, but still give you the flexibility of being able to do your day to day things. I also like that the bottom of the gloves have a cuffed look. My favorite way to wear them is layered on top of a long sleeved shirt.

Pro Tip: You can type in these puppies. So if you happen to work in one of those freezing cold corporate offices, consider these gloves your saving grace... not that I've ever done this. ;)

Next up is the knit headband dubbed “The Butterly Wings.” Ladies, if you were blessed with a big brain (this is my way of saying huge head - my fellow Polish friends - I’m looking at you!), this is a GREAT piece. This stretchy knit is a cute way to keep your ears warm. I also have to point out the shade of white that was selected is flattering for all skin tones, and although it might sound cheesy, it just seems to really bring out the sparkle in everyone's eyes. Basically, this is the ultimate accessory for your winter selfies.

Butterfly Wings Headband - Dana Chirps

Ladies, and gents shopping for ladies, here is the link to All That It Seams


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