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A Whole30 compliant meal at Chipotle. I clearly hated it.

A Whole30 compliant meal at Chipotle. I clearly hated it.

So before I get to my list, know that these are just items that helped me. Everyone's list is going to be slightly different, and they're certainly not a requirement. Many of them are kitchen/food staples, that you'll probably have! 

  1. Instant Pot Duo - Upon moving to Bermuda, I donated my beloved crockpot. So around the time I was looking to replace it, I had heard a ton of positive feedback about the Instant Pot and asked for one for Christmas. In case you don't know what I'm talking about it's a pot that has several different functions (the model I got, has seven): slow cook, pressure cook, yogurt maker, rice maker, steam, saute, and food warmer. If you decide to get one, I do recommending getting the biggest size. This comes in handy when you're cooking large food items like spaghetti squash, or chicken! 
  2. Immersion Blender - This device I used for things like making my own dressings, sauces, mayos, and soup. You might not need it often, but when you do, you're so glad to have it.
  3. Garlic Mincer - Get one. Trust.
  4. Ninja Duo - Smoothies are a no-go during Whole30, so I didn't use the blender component as much that month. But I used the food processor quite a bit!
  5. Good Knives - I'm so glad Brett already had really good kitchen knives. This can make or break you. lol. If you're on a tight budget, I'd say make sure you have one really awesome knife that can cut #allthethings.
  6. Multiple Cutting Boards - By chance, I had just gotten a three pack with different sized (hard plastic) boards. They ended up being far more helpful than I anticipated.
  7. Stackable Mixing Bowls - My stack of bowls all came with lids. The stacking feature really helps save space (a big issue in our "cozy" downtown condo). I use different sized bowls for different purposes - mixing up spices and meat, tossing and serving salad, holding grapes, using as a regular piece of tupperware, etc. 
  8. Ladle - Somehow we didn't have one. Had to get one!
  9. Zester - We didn't have a zester in the beginning so I was scraping citrus fruits with a regular knife. It's a miracle I have all of my fingers. The zester makes it so easy and fast, and it works WAY better than doing it the way I had been (shocker, I know).

The one thing I didn't have that I wish I had during Whole30 was a cast iron skillet. This is a skillet that you can use on the stove and in the oven. Many of the yummy looking breakfast hashes require one. But I've asked for one for my birthday, so hopefully I have one soon! :)  

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