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Whoo hoo! I'm on my last day of Whole30! But the program is not quite over yet. The next phase of Whole30 is called the "reintroduction phase." This is where you slowly add back foods from the no-go list to see how your body reacts. This part of the Whole30 program is essentially the whole point of doing it. It teaches you which foods your body may have a sensitivity to. By the end of it, you should have an understanding of what foods make you feel awesome, and what foods make you feel not so great. The way reintroduction works is that you add a food from the no-go list back to your diet for one day, and then go back to eating strict Whole30 for two days... those two days will give you time to decipher how your body reacts (if it does at all). You can't have foods from multiple categories (like peanut butter and jelly on bread) until the entire reintroduction phase is completed.

Reintroduction - Whole30 - DanaChirps

My reintroduction plan:

  1. Legumes (peanut butter, black beans, hummus, soy sauce, edamame, peas)
  2. Whole30 for two days
  3. Gluten-Free Grains (quinoa, oats, corn, popcorn, rice)
  4. Whole30 for two days
  5. Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, froyo, sour cream, butter, coffee creamer)
  6. Whole30 for two days
  7. Gluten Grains (bread, bagels, pretzels, pasta, crackers, muffins)
  8. Whole30 for two days
  9. Alcohol
  10. Whole30 for two days
  11. Sugar (honey, maple syrup, cane sugar)

There's are couple of categories that have foods that I might break up - I might do a variety of legumes, and then peanut butter separately at the very end of my reintroduction phase. I'm also considering breaking up alcohol into wine, cider, and vodka (that's what I drink 90% of the time). For some reason I find the reintroduction plan to be more nerve-wracking than full throttle Whole30! Wish me luck! 


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