The Most Wrong I've Ever Been - Dana Chirps

View from the pool at The W Fort Lauderdale.

So Brett successfully (thank you sweet baby Jesus) completed his rigorous month-long training this last Friday for his new job. Right from the classroom, he went to the airport to fly from Dallas (where his training was) to Fort Lauderdale to help me move. He was happy to help me, but had asked for me to have most of everything packed since he would be getting in later in the evening. No problem. Right?

So after work, I packed my stuff with the genuine and honest attempt of doing enough work so that we would only have a couple of easy hours of packing left, ensuring a departure of 10am the next morning. After I was "done" I met up with some girlfriends at a seafood restaurant up the road on the intracoastal called "Coconuts." We wined and dined, and had a grand ol' time. My "last supper" was filled with everything I could have asked for: girlfriends, a water view, extra bread for the table, and hilariously inappropriate discussions... you know the ones where you and your girlfriends end up wondering out loud if guys have ANY idea how CRAZY chick conversations can get. Those are my favorite topics, and sort of a specialty of mine.

After dinner we thought about getting drinks somewhere while waiting for Brett to arrive (they hadn't met him yet), but then I remembered that I had plenty of booze at my place that I didn't want to pack the next morning. So down the street we went to my apartment to consume my excess libations. When my friends walked into my place, they each seemed to have some level of concern for my supposed lack of packing. Even then I still wasn't buying it, and quickly moved on to the :::ahem::: enlightening subjects of conversation that continued even as Brett walked through the door. Brett provided balance (or perhaps fuel to the fire) to our enthusiastic chatter brimming with estrogen by playing bartender and crafting some fantastic concoction of vodka and thin mints (standard things to have in ones kitchen, is it not?). He really is a keeper. 

At some point a couple of the girls had to scoot. So it was Brett, Kristen, Kate and I all standing in the kitchen when Brett realizes I hadn't packed my kitchen yet. I STILL didn't see what the big deal was - it's not like I had a ton of stuff! Kristen, suggested (a more accurate word would be "started") packing then and there. It was at that very second I realized I had been wrong about my packing, but I was still unaware of HOW wrong I was. A couple hours into this process, the group knew they were going to have to get me to get rid of stuff since everything had to fit in my small SUV.

Now you have to understand, I have zero qualms with getting rid of stuff I don't use, but I HATE wasting my hard earned money. And I was having to get rid of things that I actually used, and therefor metaphorically pissing money out the window (side note - I need a dramatic font, UGH!). My dear friends ended up getting me hammered (that's 3 drinks for this gal) so that I was more willing to part with all of the items that were not going to fit in my car. Yes, I realize I said one of my new years resolutions was to embrace simplicity, but damn, can't a girl keep her toaster oven?! The answer is apparently no. No she cannot.

Kristen and Kate left pretty late, and Brett and I did a little more work before passing out. The next morning the girls plus Kate's bf, Glen, came back and helped us to completion. We finished in the afternoon, celebrated with pizza at Mellow Mushroom, and then Brett and I finally hit the road around 3pm. I was SEVEN HOURS OFF - and that's with 4 extra people helping!!!

Sure, I've been wrong before. But I'm pretty sure this is the most wrong I have ever been in executing a plan, EVER. 

Luckily, the ride from Fort Lauderdale, to Richmond was much smoother than the packing. Brett drove all but two hours. The jury is still out on whether that was a chivalrous maneuver, or just his way of avoiding my artistic interpretations of lane changes. We stopped in South Carolina on Saturday night, and made it to Richmond late in the afternoon on Sunday. He met my parents, and Blue (the chocolate lab). Then the four of us met up with Moose (brother) and Lady Moose (brother's gf) at one of my favorite Richmond spots, Ginger Thai. After dinner he met one of my best friends and her family. The next day was chill since we both had work to do, and then he had to head home (he lives in NH).

Originally Brett and I were planning on heading to Bermuda this Saturday, but his new job needed him to start his 30 day rotation early, as in today kind of early. I still could have gone to Bermuda on my own, but given that the place we are moving into isn't even on google maps, not having any sense of direction, and no mode of transportation (other than my own two feet), we thought it was best for me to hang tight at my parent's place in VA until his rotation is done. 

Thankfully, it's just enough time for me to figure out how I can pack 3 suitcases of belongings for the move.


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