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Ok, so let me be the first person to tell you that you don't go to Bermuda for the culinary experience. You go for the beaches, and natural beauty. However, I have acquired some favorite food and drinks on the island since moving there!

Swizzle at Beach House

Tropical Drinks - Rum Swizzle and Dark n' Stormy at Beach House - Bermuda

Tropical Drinks - Rum Swizzle and Dark n' Stormy at Beach House - Bermuda

The swizzle at Beach House is my favorite on the island - which are fighting words, but I am standing my ground on this one. I like that their recipe does not taste syrupy, or like you're drinking fruit concentrate over ice. It's refreshing, light, and is guaranteed to brighten your day. Bonus: Beach House overlooks the clear blue water of Achilles Bay. For food, I recommend sticking to sandwiches (avoid the salads, unless they bring back their nicoise salad). It’s worth mentioning that they have seasonal hours, so be sure to call. But when they’re open, it’s well worth the trip. 

Harvest Bowl at Devil’s Isle

Harvest Bowl - Devil's Isle - Hamilton, Bermuda

Harvest Bowl - Devil's Isle - Hamilton, Bermuda

Devil's Isle is smack dab in the middle of town. It has a trendy vibe, and a robust menu. I swear by the Harvest Bowl. You can customize your bowl with your preferred grain, protein, and dressing… they also give you the option of serving the salad warm or chilled. I order my bowl the way people order their Starbucks. My go-to customizations are: quinoa, grilled octopus (SO good), garlic dressing, added avocado (yes, I know it's extra) - served WARM so that the kale is nice and soft. It is also worth noting that this place has the best iced coffee on the island. And the truffle fries. Mother of God, they are good.

Anything at Coconut’s

Food with a view - Bermuda

Food with a view - Bermuda

You know when you meet a guy and he’s not a total hottie, but decent looking… but then his personality makes him the sexiest man on earth? That’s basically what lunch at Coconut’s is like. I’ve had lunch here several times, and each time it has been good. But the view is what makes this place downright sexy. You FEEL like you’re in Bermuda when you eat here.

Avocado “Egg Rolls” at White Horse

Avocado Rolls at White Horse - Bermuda

Avocado Rolls at White Horse - Bermuda

Calling all avo lovers! Stop what you’re doing right now, and go to White Horse in St. George’s and order these. They are much bigger than the egg rolls from a Chinese restaurant in America. These bad boys are served up with this soy-based dipping sauce that is unreeeeeal. This is the only place where I have ever ordered “another” of a food time. And ya know what? I ain’t sorry. Not one bit. 

Curried Fish Cake Sandwich at Bonefish

Curried fish cake sandwich - Bonefish - Bermuda

Curried fish cake sandwich - Bonefish - Bermuda

This is not to be confused with the “fish sandwich.” This fish cake is packed with curry flavor which I LOVE. Oddly, they pair this fish cake with fried banana… I don’t understand it either, but it WORKS. I inhaled this sandwich at Bonefish which is a casual spot in Dockyard. If you have room after your meal, you can meander around, and get a Bermuda rum cake (I like the swizzle flavor best).


Artmel’s Fish Sandwich

Seriously, don’t even waste your breath in trying to convince me that there is a better fish sandwich on the island. I don’t have any photographic evidence of this sandwich because I ate it too fast. This Bermudian classic is exactly what you need when you’re craving fried food, are hungover, sober, hungry, or just feel like eating. 

Nachos at Swizzle Inn (near Grotto Bay)

I know everyone likes to hype the swizzle there, but I think the real highlight are Swizzle Inn's BBQ chicken nachos. Worth. every. calorie. They are not photogenic. In fact, they look like a messy volcano of all things good and unhealthy. So you should order them. And probably some swizzle, too.

The Sammy Roll at Beluga Bar

For those who know me, know that sushi basically takes up 68% of my personal food pyramid. The Sammy Roll is the best sushi roll on that 20(ish) square mile island, and one of the best rolls I've ever had, ever. I don't want to spoil it, and tell you why (they intentionally keep what makes this roll special off the description on their menu, too!). So you'll have to go into town (this joint is inside of the mall) and try it yourself! 

Savory Kernels

I don’t even eat popcorn. In fact, I have some pretty adverse reactions when I eat the stuff. But I will pay that price for their rosemary garlic flavored popcorn EVERY TIME. The ketchup flavor is also yummy. If you like a little spice, try the jalapeno cheddar. 

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