A Hockey Christmas

I had noticed that the family’s NHL fan-apparel was due for replacing. So this year for Christmas, I did NHL themed gifts for my family. I sneakily did some some detective work (ok, so I straight up asked everyone) to see what everybody wanted. Being a Bruin’s fan, it is was difficult purchasing Caps and Rangers apparel... but I also took a moment to be thankful that I do not have any Flyers’ fans in the family... that would be awwwwwwkward. Here's what I found on Fanatics:

                                     Bought these for the fam for Xmas!

                                     Bought these for the fam for Xmas!

I think they liked them. :)

                               Pods sporting their new fan gear.

                               Pods sporting their new fan gear.

Dad also requested a new Sher-Wood (hockey stick). It was fun seeing him light up like a kid, “Look at all this fresh ink! Perfect for tattooing.” When my father says “tattooing” or “Give him a Sher-Wood tattoo!”  he means slamming his stick (where it says “Sher-Wood) across another dudes chest hard enough leave a “Sher-Wood” mark/tattoo on it.

The last I heard, Dad was pretty stoked to get on the ice and rip some slapshots with his new stick. Let's just hope he doesn't poke somebody's eye out. (Yes, that was an intentional Christmas Story reference).


Dana Podgurski

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