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Bermuda - Blue Water and Blue Kayak - Dana Chirps

Bermuda - Blue Water and Blue Kayak - Dana Chirps

Happy Bermuda Day! This holiday was first celebrated on May 24, 1902, where essentially all the British colonies celebrated the Queen's birthday. As the colonies became independent, this day evolved into celebrating their own national identity and heritage. Over the recent(ish) years, Bermuda has treated this holiday as the start of summer. It's celebrated with a half marathon that finishes with a parade featuring Gombey dancers and other paradey-things. If it's warm enough, Bermudians will take their inaugural and ceremonious (but not really) dip in the ocean.

It is so crazy to think I've been living in Bermuda for a little over two months now. Adjusting to island life has been quite the experience. It's challenging, exciting, frustrating, and blissful - and sometimes I feel all of those emotions all at once. I definitely underestimated a lot of things prior to moving here, specifically navigating the island (logistically speaking), as well as how quiet Bermuda really is. On the flipside, I also underestimated how incredibly captivating the natural beauty is here. It's slap-you-in-the-face-kind-of-pretty. I have also been blown away by how friendly and welcoming people have been, especially other expats. 

The city life (Hamilton) is not so city like. The nightlife "in town" (local catch phrase for Hamilton) is pretty calm. There's people popping in and out of the restaurants and bars on Front Street, but that's mostly it. The last bus leaves at 11:45pm from Hamilton, so I haven't done any super-late nights in town, but I wouldn't anticipate the wee hours of the morning would be that much different. Everything in general closes very early in this country. But there are some seasonal festivities that are starting to kick into gear now that it's warmer outside which I'm excited for.

Logistically speaking, I've been getting a better handle on getting from Point A to Point B using my pedal bike, bus, and two feet. Most of the time I don't mind the physicality. Brett recently convinced me to get an entry level road bike which I'm warming up to (still getting used to riding in "hunchback" position and all that). But there are occasional days that I just want to have a good hair day,  and wear some heels, which pedaling in the island sun while wearing a helmet inhibits. There are also parts of the island that just aren't feasible to get to without a scooter or car, but for the most part I can figure it out. It's been an eye-opening experience to learn how much I value convenience as far as transportation goes. 

My social life is starting to grow, which is wonderful! I work from home, and live in a pretty secluded section of the island. When I first got here I was pretty lonely, especially when Brett left and was away for 30+ days working in another time zone. But ever since Good Friday, my social life has been on the uptick. I take kickboxing class every Wednesday night with a lot of the people that I met at the Good Friday Fest. It is an absolute blast, and without question the highlight of my work week. Every weekend (usually Saturdays since practically nothing is open on Sundays) I make a point to go to town, and usually grab lunch with a friend that I've met through Brett's office who has introduced me to other lovely new friends. I've also met and befriended a lot of people that work at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences aka "BIOS." I love that my new friends here are from all over the world - that was something I really appreciated in South Florida and am glad to experience in Bermuda, too. I'm constantly amazed at how inviting and warm everyone has been. I feel so fortunate, and thankful.

This weekend is the start to America's Cup, which is going to make for a very exciting month! More to come on that, but for now Happy Bermuda Day to all of my Bermuda friends, and to those who are following this adventure. 




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