Fresh New Hockey Season - Dana Chirps

Hockey is back. This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to my first hockey game of the season - it was opening night at the BB&T Center. The Panthers victoriously defended their home turf against my least favorite team in the league, The Flyers. 

The Panther's not only slayed the Flyers 7-1, but they also beat them up. It was nice to see Thorton acting as the enforcer that he is meant to be. Since his trade from Boston, I felt like he wasn't playing his game or wasn't given the opportunity. But it was just lovely to see him acting like his old self, wreaking a little havoc on the ice. Worth noting - Jagr might be old as hell, but he scored two goals. As long as he keeps scoring, and can keep up with the youngins', keep him out there - mullet n' all. Smith (also a former Bruin!) rocketed two goals, as well. 

I know it's way too early to jump to any conclusions, but I will say I was impressed with the readiness that the Panthers displayed. I was embarrassed for the Flyers - they were slow, they were sloppy, and they did nothing memorable. Not to discredit them, but I've seen junior teams play with more tenacity. 

I also noted some positive changes of the overall experience of attending a Panther's game. 

  1. The infamous and weird "RAWR" that used to blast throughout the games was only heard once and with music overlaying it. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.
  2. Although it was opening night, it was a sold out game which makes me slightly more optimistic for the franchise. Nice to see.
  3. They got rid of the painfully awkward entertainment, particularly, "The Rat Pack." This caffeine/coke/something fueled group was formed back when the Panther's made the playoffs in the late 90's. It always felt like such a joke as they were paying tribute to something so long ago. Their form of entertainment reminded me of the weird theater kids from high school - and I don't mean the cool kind of weird. Removing this group I think says that they are trying to get this franchise to be taken seriously. I respect that. 
  4. Music selection drastically improved. I actually felt like I was at a rink.

While there still seems to be no ketchup or poutine to enjoy from concessions, I'm pretty stoked at the aforementioned changes. It's the first time where I felt like I could maybe take the franchise seriously. I hope the changes are here to stay, and job well done to the folks who pushed to make them happen. 

                                                              My hockey game face.

                                                              My hockey game face.


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