Elbow War on an Airplane


The man beside me on my flight declared war with me when he invaded my territory through the Great Trail of the Armrest.

I moved quickly and counter attacked with my infamously pointy and dangerous elbow to show him just who he is messing with.

He then pulled out a bag of little peppers that probably originated from an island that nobody has ever heard of or been to and sold on the black market alongside of heroin. These seemingly harmless and inoffensive snacks were very much the opposite, because as he chewed, the fire-inspired spicy fumes leaked over to my territory!

My frantic attempts of self defense included (but were not limited to) pulling my jacket over my face and shoving my wrist up to my nose in hopes to smell my Chanel perfume that I had spritzed generously this morning.

He won that battle. But I will win this war! I'm pulling out every screen I have (two laptops, my iPhone, and a Nook), and will be strategically looking up things no man will want to see for the duration of this flight/battery life.




Dana Podgurski

Hi everyone! I'm Dana Podgurski! 

I'm a foot in the mouth, tongue in cheek, head in the clouds, and heart on the sleeve kind of gal. I live for new experiences, but am a total sucker for nostalgia at the same time. I'm tough as nails, but am a complete softie for all things kids and animal related. I fly by the seat of my pants, and live for adventure. But I firmly believe that adventure is a mindset that one's self determines.

For work, I am a marketer through and through. Bringing brands to life, and content marketing are passions of mine. Many would consider what I do as nerdy, but I seriously dig it. I have been doing marketing contract work for years, and appreciate the variety it brings, and the relationships I've developed with my clients. To check out my work portfolio, or if you're interested in a partnership, click here.

For fun I love to create - writing/blogging, photography, and painting are my main three mediums of doing so. Feeling good and healthy is also high on my list, as it really lends itself to making everything more enjoyable. So I maintain a very active lifestyle, eat pretty healthy, and am outdoors as much as I can be. And if my blog didn't make it abundantly clear, I absolutely LOVE to travel. I spend any extra money I have on plane tickets, and feel so fortunate to have been to several amazing destinations both domestically and internationally. There's nothing more fulfilling than coming home from a trip and adding a been-there-pin to my map.