Days 10 - 17 - Whole30 - DanaChirps

Veggies - Whole30 - DanaChirps

Veggies - Whole30 - DanaChirps

Whew! I'm over halfway through my first (ever) round of Whole30! I'm still going strong, and have stuck to the plan rigidly. I think I've been successful at doing so because of my meal planning, and some good old fashioned will power.

I spend a good amount of time picking out recipes for the upcoming week that I think Brett and I will enjoy. This has been a key element of my success because I genuinely look forward to the food I make! Once I select what I'm going to make, I write a shopping list of everything needed for the recipes, plus any other staple items that may need replenishing. Generally, it takes 2 or 3 grocery stores to get everything we need. It seems like a lot, but it's honestly not that bad. I only get a few items from the local natural grocery store because they're the only ones that carry them - so I'm in and out of there fast. Then it takes one or two stores to get everything else. I'm finding that I stick to the list a lot more when I shop this way, too. With each week and meal plan, it gets easier and faster. I also now know to look at a recipe and assess how many pots/pans/mess it will make (see my note about the enchiladas below).

Recipe Rundown is below! You'll notice I didn't take as many photos of my food this time... that has to do with either the fact the meal was not photogenic, or because it was so tasty I ate it before I could even turn my camera on. 

Melissa's Chicken Hash - So I had high expectations for this meal... sweet potato noodles, chicken, apple, walnuts... not sure what happened but I did NOT like it. This is the first thing I've made since starting Whole30 that I haven't not enjoyed eating. Brett liked it enough to eat the leftovers, but it's not something I intend on making again. 

Sardines - YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. I was a BIT apprehensive to try them... but they're honestly just a food with a bad rep. I ended up enjoying my sardines, right out of the can quite a bit! I actually like that I can eat them straight without adding anything, whereas with canned tuna, I have to add mayo or avocado. Brett thought he was going to die by the scent of them... luckily he survived, but I'll have to be mindful of when and where I eat those salty delights! ;)

Buffalo Sweet Potatoes with Homemade Ranch - OH.EM.GEE. This was a phenomenal meal, and it was also crazy easy/fast to put together, too. This is definitely a keeper!

Enchiladas Wrapped in Cabbage with Cashew Cream Drizzle - So these were very tasty, but I practically had to use every appliance I own, and every heating method known to man. They were good, but I'm not sure if they were worth the time and the clean up! The cashew cream I was sort of "meh" about when I tasted it on its own, but loved it once I put it over top of my enchilada... sort of has a ricotta vibe to it.

Pork Butt a La Crock Pot - I put a 2lb pork butt in the crockpot for 10 hours, and the flavor was outstanding! The meat itself was unsurprisingly fatty (as it should be). Next time I may try to find a leaner cut. I lovvvved the seasoning though, and it smelled sooooo good.

Banger Sausage Patties and Sweet Potato Mash with Caramelized Onions - This recipe caught me off-guard because I can be pretty picky with meat, and I didn't have high hopes. But those bangers were UNBELIEVABLY good. As in, no condiments needed. As in I'm making them again this week. As in, there were no leftovers. Same with the sweet potatoes... this is a major feat because I'm not a huge potato person, and have been just sort of forcing myself to eat them in this program for sustenance. But I actually ENJOYED them.  


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