Bermuda Cheat Sheet - Dana Chirps

Here's a list of some quick facts that are quite handy to know about Bermuda.

  • Bermuda is a 21 square mile island that is east of North Carolina - meaning, it is NOT in the Caribbean. It has a subtropical climate, so it's not quite as hot as South Florida. Today is 70 and perfectly sunny. Though, 70 here feels warmer than it did in the US. 
  • Bermuda is owned by the British, which makes the Bermudian accents pretty rad. This also means people drive on the left side of the road which was terrifying at first. But I've (mostly) gotten the hang of that.
  • The island is broken up into 9 parishes. I live in St. George's, which is known for it's teeny historical town.
  • The only source of fresh water in Bermuda is rainfall, which is collected on roofs and stored in tanks. That is why the roofs look the way they do here with the cascading lines.
  • The currency here is the Bermudian dollar, but every place I've been to takes US dollars. 1:1.
  • Gosling's is the local Bermudian rum. Bacardi also has HQ here.
  • Dark 'n' Stormy = Gosling's rum with Barritt's ginger beer. Barritt's ginger beer (in my opinion) tastes sweeter, and has less of that ginger-bite.
  • Swizzle is the Bermudian rum punch that people can get at the infamous Swizzle Inn, as well as other restaurants... or, if you're daring, you can create your own variation in your own kitchen.
  • Wahoo is the fish of choice here.
  • Wahoo on toasted raison bread with slaw is the local "fish sandwich."
  • America's Cup is taking place in Bermuda this year in May and June - prices are going to be crazy.
  • 0% unemployment - they are very big on hiring their own, and nearly impossible to get work here without a proper work permit.
  • We are 1 hour ahead of east coast time.
  • No corporate income tax, insanely high consumption tax. 
  • People honk to say "hello!"
  • Most people use scooters to zip around the island. 
  • Cost of living is batshit insane here. Goods are easily double (if not more) than what they are back home. 
  • Everybody knows everybody. In a way it forces people to police themselves a bit more, since word travels extremely fast on this little island. 
  • You greet everyone you come across with "Good morning/afternoon/day/evening/etc." I love that this is the norm here. It feels so human.

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