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The modern day Civil War has made its grand debut on my newsfeed. The North and South are viciously fighting what I call "The Battle of the Confederate Flag". Instead of shooting muskets, they are firing away with their words on social media. But like most controversies of recent years, I keep hearing people voice a one sided problem. I think it's time for Americans to consider two sided solutions.

We can fly people to the moon, surgically change men into women, create cars that drive themselves but somehow we can't think beyond two options if it involves any bit of controversy. C'mon, we're better than that. If we the people of the United States can survive purple ketchup, then we can surely work together on this. 

Here's my take on the matter:

  • The South: The Confederate flag symbolizes history or southern pride/heritage.
  • The North: The Confederate flag symbolizes racism. 

Solution: Let's create a new flag to symbolize the south. I can already feel the grumbling and arguments formulating around this idea as I type it, but hear me out. The North and South have an opportunity to actually come together, again. 

I understand that the Confederate flag is technically the flag that represented Northern Virginia. I also understand the historical events of the Civil War. I get it. But the middle finger was just a finger until it had a whole new meaning. This flag might have been one thing originally, but it evolved into having a new connotation - thanks to groups like the KKK.

This country has so many brilliantly creative people within it. Imagine if we pulled some of the top creative people from the best ad agencies together to create a new flag for the south. We could treat it like a rebrand. I realize it might sound a little crazy, but is it really that outlandish? The answer is no. It wouldn't even be the first time the flag has changed.

To me, being southern is genuinely caring about your neighbor - even if you don't know them (although usually you do), and treating all strangers like friends. Would you not be more proud to wave a flag from your porch, your cities, or even your jacked up truck that symbolized what brings the south together instead of what tears it apart? That's a flag I'd fly.  

I'm completely aware that this doesn't get rid of racism, not even close. But I think showcasing a flag that better exemplifies what the south actually stands for (and doesn't stand for) is a solid step in the right direction. 



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