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Must Do In Bermuda - Dana Chirps - All of that green area is the golf course at tuckers point

Must Do In Bermuda - Dana Chirps - All of that green area is the golf course at tuckers point

I woke up yesterday to an incredible surprise. Brett brought me coffee in bed - a thoughtful gesture that never gets old (even if it's done partly out of survival, hehe). As I'm midway through my giant cuppa-joe, he says, "ok, go get ready, you're going flying." I was excited, and confused. And I'm not totally sure what I said after that (caffeine hadn't quite hit the system yet), but I was STOKED. I soon learned that I was getting to see Bermuda from the sky via Blue Sky Flights Bermuda! 

What was particularly awesome was the fact that the pilot of this endeavor is one of my friends - Heather! But even if it had been the kind of person you avoid eye contact with at Walmart, I'd still say it's worth it... but I'm REALLY GLAD IT WASN'T... especially since Heather is like a Bermuda encyclopedia, and a ton of fun. 

Heather runs this shop flying a small plane (Cessna Skyhawk 172). It's much like climbing into a teeny car. She was in the drivers seat, a professional photographer was in "shotgun," and I was in the backseat. That little plane gets in the air so quickly! 

She took us all around the east end of the island. The views. Sweet Lord Jesus, the views. The water is so clear, you can easily see coral, shipwrecks, the works. It was so interesting to see my neck of the woods from above - I enjoyed spotting familiar landmarks like the Unfinished Church in St. George's, Fort St. Catherine's, and a ton of other locales I frequent. We also saw the America's Cup J Class Regatta, which includes some of the most famous yachts in the world. Only ten of these boats were built, and just three of the originals are still functioning today.

Everything looked SO vibrant and lively from the sky. The pink sand looked pinker, the blue water bluer... just the colors in general... well, see for yourself... 

This experience has made me appreciate this island on a whole new level. I'm particularly awestruck over the beauty, and how enriching this country that is merely 20 square miles truly is. 

Blue Sky Flights I think best serves three types of people:

  1. Professional photographers (or avid enthusiasts). You must make a point to do this. Bring your gear, and make it happen. But be sure to secure shotgun seating. All of my shots were "reach arounds" because I was in the backseat, and I was pointing the camera without being able to see. I obviously still got some great pictures, but I would have loved the ability to shoot more strategically.
  2. Locals. To see this island from the sky gives you a whole new perspective and appreciation of your home. 
  3. Tourists. It's such a unique experience, and Heather knows this island inside and out and will give you insight you can't get anywhere else (believe me, I've tried them all).

Let me know if you end up going! I'd like to do it again, and go see other parts of the island.



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