Bermuda as a Tourist

My First Trip to Bermuda  - This post details my first trip to Bermuda (August, 2016). Brett and I were here for a long weekend, and we crammed a TON in! If you're going to be visiting for the first time, this is a great post to reference and get ideas with!

Leading Up to the Big Move

Some Realness - Life isn't all sunshine and beaches. This unfiltered post details some of the stresses that occurred leading up to the move.

The Most Wrong I've Ever Been - Part one of the saga of moving from South Florida to Bermuda.

Plot Twist - Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, ever goes as planned! Check out how I rolled with the punches when our Bermuda move was pushed back a month.

FAQ About the Move to Bermuda - What are you doing? Why are you moving? Are you working? Here's a simple list of the most FAQ's I'm asked about moving to Bermuda!

Moving to Another Country? - Here's a short list of things that you will want to have figured out before you move!

Moved In!

Settling In - Here are my thoughts less than a week into this Bermudian adventure.

Grocery Shopping - Learn from our rookie grocery shopping mistake, and save yourself an easy couple hundred buckeroos by reading this post!

Better Than Good - I finally met people, and made friends here!

Bermuda Day - Learn what May 24th is for Bermuda, and see how I'm making progress on adjusting to my new home. 

America's Cup - Read about my experience attending the 35th America's Cup.

Visiting Bermuda

Bermuda Cheat Sheet - Handy fast facts about Bermuda.

My First Visitor - See what my first visitor and I did on her first trip to Bermuda.

Airplane Ride Over Bermuda - Every photographer, local, and tourist needs to do this! 

Wining and Dining - Want to know the best spots for food and drinks? I got you covered!

In Comparison

Number One Thing that Living in Bermuda has Made Me Appreciate About The United States - Learn what the number one thing I took for granted in the states.

Top Three Reasons Why I Love Bermuda - What I think makes Bermuda so special.